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Be a #1 House Finder

The number one skill set of a new agent or a buyers agent is to be a #1 House Finder. You can not wait for your buyer to find the house, you need to find the house for the buyer. The “super agent” does this and makes the most amount of money selling the most amount of houses. The “super agent” is able to do this because he or she is not waiting for the house to be picked off the leftover inventory on MLS.

I’m going to give you a few tips on how to be a #1 Home Finder. I’m not going to talk about MLS, because if you are waiting for MLS then you are replaceable. The first thing is to build an active search for your buyer, pull up all of the cancelled and expired listings over the last five years. You can knock on the doors of these homes, or call the sellers directly if you buy phone numbers from Red X, Black Knight Services or the White Pages Pro.

Next, when a new home comes on the market, drive to the house and see it without your buyers. Then drive around that neighborhood and look for similar properties that maybe have a For Rent or For Sale By Owner sign, these are what I consider unlisted houses. You can even be as aggressive as stopping at a house that you see being painted or with a handyman truck parked in front, because these could be signs that the owner is preparing to sell the house. You then stop the car and approach the front door with your script. A sample script is,”Hi, I’ve been working a long time with a buyer, they really want to be in this neighborhood, were you thinking about selling?” Simple and easy.

Learn to work ahead of your buyer, ahead of MLS, ahead of coming soon listings, instead of waiting for your buyer to shop on their own!

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