Top 5 Real Estate Podcasts for 2019

Ever since we started our podcast, The Solution, we have started listening to even more real estate podcasts than we did before. Real estate is a rollercoaster and your clients are counting on you to make the ride as smooth as possible. The right real estate podcast can update your knowledge in the convenience of your morning walk or daily drive.

The top 5 real estate podcasts we recommend for 2019 are:


Toby Salgado takes you behind the scenes with some of the biggest producers in real estate in his podcast Super Agents Live. He regularly interviews top-producing agents who have sales volumes higher than $50 million per year. He focuses on their sales strategy and methods.


New York Times bestselling author Pat Hiban interviews successful real estate agents to see what makes them tick. Real Estate Rockstars podcast focuses on the failures, insight, and tips and tricks of some of the most successful people in the industry today.


GSD Mode is about getting things done by taking inspiration from those within and outside the real estate industry who dominate their space. This real estate podcast with Joshua Smith is for those who, in his words, “do not accept mediocrity.”


Tom Ferry is one of the most noted real estate trainers in the field today, he offers practical and useful topics in each podcast, such as video marketing strategies, new agent advice, lead generation, and more.


Of course our list wouldn’t be complete without recommending our own podcast. On The Solution we share more than great agents have ever shared before. Our thriving Real Estate business has sold almost $180 Million in Team business over the past year. We have seen this success through using technology and the internet. Take a sneak peek into our success!

Typical Home Sold

The typical home for sale is a 3-bedroom, 3-bath house with 2,000 square feet and a median price tag of $210,000 according the the Zillow Consumer Housing Trends Report 2018. Single-family detached homes account for the largest share of the homes sellers sold, but the types of homes differ by the generation of the seller and the locale. For example, Millennials, who comprise the largest share of sellers and tend to live in more densely populated cities and suburbs, are more likely than older generations to sell a townhome (15% compared with 8% of Gen Xers, 8% of Baby Boomers and 6% of Silent Generation sellers).

Thirty percent of sellers are selling a home in an urban area, about half are selling in the suburbs and less than 20% are selling in a rural areas, which is similar to the areas where buyers are purchasing.


After single-family homes, townhomes account for the largest share of homes sellers sold, followed by condos, manufactured/mobile homes and duplexes/triplexes. Suburban sellers are more likely to be selling single-family homes than sellers in urban locations and urban sellers are more likely to be selling townhomes.

Condos are rare among rural sellers, instead, they’re more likely to sell manufactured homes on lots they either own or rent. Among generations, Baby Boomers and Gen Xers are most likely to sell single-family detached homes, while Millennials are most likely to sell townhomes.