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Many people may think that Google ME is the same as People Believe the Internet (PBTI), but PBTI is more about understanding your entire web presence. Google ME is the process of specifically working on most important things that show up when you’re Googled. This includes having a Google business page and YouTube videos. Google ME will also help you understanding the ranking of sites and helping make sure your website ranks on top. Once you understand the rankings, you will be able to build your website out to demonstrate all of the things that you want to say about your business. For example, you may want to say what neighborhoods you sell homes in by posting YouTube videos on your website of yourself in those neighborhoods.


Usually I rank people on five different scales; new, needs improvement, good, great, and spectacular. The key to reaching the highest level is making sure that your website shows up first, that you have a Google business page and that you have reviews. It is important to have 5-star reviews on Google, Facebook, Zillow and


It is critical to make all of this impactful and unforgettable when you are Googled to make the most out of your business.

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How Reviews Triple Your Sphere of Influence Business

One of the hardest thing for realtors to accept is that internet affects people’s opinion three times more than a personal referral. I find it very odd that we research stuff online and get so consumed with information that it affects the direction in which we chose how we spend our time and money. Yet, realtors don’t think people Google them and believe the information that comes up. They still believe real estate is solely a word of mouth business.  I want to tell you, reviews are the key to tripling your business. Everyone you work with is Googling you, because people are not going to call you to ask how good you are at your job. Online reviews are like a cozy blanket letting customers know you are good at your job; lots of people have used your services; that you were successful and they were happy with your services. Additionally, when reviews are less than three months old, it gives them even more confirmation you that you are good at what you do.

The challenge is, when people are Googling you as a realtor, other realtor names might pop up. Now you’re being compared to someone else when they were just trying to search for you. In old-school real estate we were not compared to someone else at the moment of decision as much as we are today. Consumers will not only see your online reviews when they are searching, but they see reviews of others as well.  When you get lots of testimonials and work hard to get those five stars, you will see your business skyrocket.

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The Shift 2.0 – Why Your Phone is Not Going to Ring in 2019

What are the TOP 6 Reasons Realtor’s phone will not ring in 2019 due to the Shift?

We are most expecting a Shift like last time meaning the Shift (2006-2010) meaning less volume and lower sales prices eating at our commissions. Yet, but this time I don’t expect those 2 effects to be as severe, but I do expect more and different impacts comprising the SHIFT, which may not recover in the future years, as we did last time as the volume returned!  See the top 6 reasons below.

    1. Reduction in force – Teams are upping their game and individuals chose independence over comradery, the following list comes with commission compression caused by these forces reducing deals through referrals, once lining their pockets, putting pressure for the individual agent to look elsewhere for income as skill set lags and objections change and phone rings less!  Teams are gobbling up the business by training, marketing and focusing on their skill set more by training produced by Elite Agents vs Broker who have not recently sold homes in the current market.  
    2. Your sphere shops online – Before they contact a friend/relative and the RELATIONSHIP referral loses to a partnership or value added realtor- The focus of this one is that your past clients and friends first call for real estate used to be you, now they begin online and get “Syrupped IN” meaning they do a lot of searching on their own and get involved in a deal involved with another agent or builder before even thinking of reaching out to you!  (10-15% of past referrals lost to this)
    3. PEOPLE BELIEVE THE INTERNET –  (PBTI will cause 10-15% reduction of referrals you once received) Google your name, then go to the neighborhood you sell most and search on Zillow, Trulia,, YahooHomes, Rocket homes! If your internet presence is not close to the experience they believe they can get from what they found online, you don’t get the call!  Book will be ready soon!
    4. RELATIONSHIP loses to a PARTNERSHIP  (Zillow,,YahooHomes, Homelight, Rocket Mortgage, Opendoor) – this is the biggest cannibalization of a Traditional Agents referrals – Aggregators listed above send their deals to their agents through paid fees or referred commissions and valid their elite status whether true or not but either way they are referred strongly before you get the call. (15%-20%)
    5. RISE OF LOW COST HIGH SERVICE – The volume is at the low end and unfortunately Traditional Agents have not worked to improve their market of homes from 5-10 years ago leaving it up to syndication to sell their homes and therefore other agents to sell their houses when clearly the consumer is searching on their own.  This has allowed low cost-high service MODELS (meaning their marketing plan looks like yours) like Redfin, PurpleBricks, Homie, OpenDoor, OfferPAD and many provide the similar level of service as Traditional agents.
    6. Volume will lessen, but significantly through traditional measures – In most years, except for the hottest of markets in 2004, 2005, end of 2012, to mid 2013 and 2017 and 2018, meaning super low inventory, 95% of the homes sold MLS and the traditional listing process. This is and has been changing and affect referrals (10-15% of past referrals lost)

Please note these companies mentioned and highlighted in the article are attempting to provide a high level of service to the consumer and ultimately sending their business to Realtors like you so they are not the enemy but do represent the Shift that will threaten the Traditional Agents and Broker practice and income more forward!

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