Atomic Open House

It’s time to get excited, because I’m going to talk about the Atomic Open House. The Atomic Open House mean is my best open house strategy ever.

This starts with the preparation of the house. (Please see Photo Seduction class or How to Make Your House Sexy too.) I recommend hiring a home stager, but it’s up to the agent to reinforce these principles. When you’re putting the house online it needs to look its best. I talk about selling houses like online dating, because if you were trying to get a date you would want to look your best.


I think that open house directional signs are crucial because you need to direct people to the house, but I don’t use as many signs as most realtors because I don’t think it brings in good quality traffic to sell the house. My goal with an Atomic Open House is to SELL THE HOUSE.  The key to the Atomic Open House is making sure your house is marketed on all of the top websites: Zillow, Trulia, Redfin, and Also, make sure you schedule your marketing in your MLS by Wednesday or Thursday.

Atomic Open House is a mindset that you are trying to sell this house and that you are going to do everything possible to generate as much traffic through this house as possible. This is not just something that you do to placate your seller. Your job is a marketer to create high-quality traffic.


When buyers come to the open house, you need to capture their data. I believe individual forms to capture information are better than a sign in list. I believe having a flyer ready to hand to the people entering the house shows that you’re attentive. Hopefully before the open house, you’ve already done your research and you’ve identified off-market properties for that neighborhood, but even if you didn’t, some neighbors may come to the open house. When neighbors come in, ask questions about the neighborhood and ask if they are considering selling.  Those neighbors then also become potential clients with potential off-market properties for sale.

Put this all together and you have an Atomic Open House. You’re doing a great job for your seller and you’re maximizing your end killing it at the open house!

Listing Strategies

Open Houses Sell Homes

Open Houses work as the best possible tool to sell a home for top dollar, if you execute them correctly. The reason they work is they get people out from behind their computer, tablet or cell phone at home or work and give them a free look on their time. Often they already find themselves in that area during the time offered so them are impacted using their freedom of choice to swing by. This explains how we get 50%+ of our traffic for open houses from the Internet (Trulia, Zillow, Redfin are most named by visitors).  

The open house is actually free advertising offered to realtors for your seller

Open houses reach more consumers by flagging it as so on portals, used as bait for visitors back to their portal and working as a great tool to get more showings for your seller.  For example, at a single open house, we had 70+ visitors to the listing.  The scheduling of the open house and putting it out there for online or the advertising through syndication in the Open Houses section of these portals well before the actual open house is critical to maximizing the traffic. Inherent delays with syndication, put stress on realtor to advertise in advance.  Driving traffic to the open house online versus putting up a few signs at the gate and the home is the best way to drive traffic and sell the listing for more money.   One key note is putting the time frame of the open house, both online as well as on the signs. For example, 4 to 6 p.m. on Friday, or 1 to 4 pm on Sunday. The game has changed as “looky-loos” are far and few between as this online education and availability of information has transcended the open house into a way of meeting qualified home buyers for your seller.