Great Training By Phil And Jeff

Useful content that will help any real estate agent.

Major Benefit To Your Future In Real Estate.

If you are a new agent or been in the business for 20 years Jeff and Phil’s coaching programs will be a major benefit to your future in Real Estate.

Jeff and Phil Are Spectacular Coaches

What they offer with Agent Truth is like no other coach or training I’ve received. Jeff definitely doesn’t do “fluff” and make you work with homework, and accountability. Not always fun- but the results are well worth the hard work. If you are serious about growing your business, and taking it to the next level, working with Jeff and Phil is absolutely the way to go!

One-Of-A-Kind Real Estate Coaching Company!

Jeff and Phil have a unique and unrivaled ability to innovate and stay ahead of the changing market. iBuyers moving into the market is changing the worth and future of real estate agents. Agent Truth provides exclusive strategies and content on how to grow your business and provide value to your clients.

Jeff’s Coaching Is Inspiring

Jeff’s innovative approach to Real Estate is effective and successful for any agent that is looking to grow their business.  With his high energy, leadership and real estate knowledge, Jeff’s coaching inspires you to be better in every aspect of your business.  He is very engaging, personable and will continue to drive you to your best.  Highly endorse Jeff.

Coaching Doubled My Conversion and Off Referrals

Jeff Sibbach’s coaching was a career changer for me. After being lead multiple ways by other coaching Jeff was able to simplify how to be a true professional in Real Estate and what truly matters to the people we serve. Jeff showed me how to be more visible both online and offline to increase my leads. He then lead me in the “art” of being a “Local Area Expert” and how to show the client my competence and expertise. This doubled my conversion, even off referrals. Client’s want to know they are in good hands with a true professional, Jeff taught me how to display and scripts to say to show how well the client’s will be taken care of. Jeff is about adding value to people and showing his agents how to add massive value. Thank you Jeff for showing me what matters and how to be a true professional in Real Estate.